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Whether you’re newly out of the church, a seasoned Formon, or a current member with a joyfully heretical streak, X marks the spot for a line of snotty merchandise that speaks your language and feels your pain. When the choice is placed before you – Choose The Left!

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We’re still on our Mission

We don’t call ourselves X-Mormons — or the significantly more tedious, X-ChurchofJesusChristofLatterDaySainters. We prefer the term, Formon. Evan Lord, creator of the Choose the Left ring, had his revelation for the brand while on his mission years ago. Today, thousands of people the world over are wearing them loudly and proudly. We’re excited to introduce an entire new line of CTL merchandise that says what you’ve always wanted to say to the people you’ve wanted to say it to. All in good fun and all inthenameofJesusChristamen.


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